Holder politikerne det de lover?

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Holder de ord er en nystartet politisk uavhengig organisasjon som kartlegger norske politiske partiers løfter og sammenligner disse med partienes stemmegivning og aktivitet på Stortinget og i andre folkevalgte organ. Sjekk ut Holder de ord.

Webcast of TNS Gallup Climate Barometer presentation

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The cold winter has not affected the Norwegian population’s belief in climate change being man-made. However, The TNS Gallup Climate Barometer 1/2010 shows that the climate issue has lost some of its urgency.

My presentation of key results at Lillestrøm on June 11 is now available as a webcast – Check it out. Other speakers at the event were Erik Solheim, Minister of the Environment, and Dr David Barber from University of Manitoba.

More on the results here.

Perceived importance of climate change

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How important is the issue of climate change to Norwegian voters? Yesterday I was interviewed by NRK Dagsnytt about this question based on my research on TNS Gallups Klimabarometer. In this survey climate change ranks fourth in perceived importance, behind education, healthcare and crime, but above the financial crisis, even though the interviews were carried out just after the government launched its economic rescue package in late January.

Listen to the interview here.

Continue reading below for more information about TNS Gallups Klimabarometer (in Norwegian only).

Nordmenn vil bidra i klimasaken

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Folk flest er positive til å betale for fornybar energi som klimatiltak, men de er ikke fornøyd med norsk klimapolitikk. Det viser resultatene fra TNS Gallups Klimabarometer som jeg har vært prosjektleder for. I undersøkelsen har vi også delt inn befolkningen ut fra deres standpunkt i klimaspørsmålet. Modellen er basert på en kombinasjon av interesse og handling, og med utgangspunkt i tre grunnsyn: idealister, pragmatikere og likegyldige.

Resultatene viser at Norge er en nasjon av strebere. Hele 45 prosent av befolkningen havner i denne kategorien. De har et rasjonelt og praktisk forhold til klimaspørsmål, men føler likevel at de burde gjort mer. Idealistene, pragmatikerne og skeptikerne utgjør hver 15 prosent, mens de likegyldige er den minste kategorien med 5 prosent av befolkningen. 3 av 4 er dermed opptatt av klimaspørsmål og er klare for å handle.

Les hele min analyse av resultatene her.

Resultatene ble presentert på Felix konferansesenter 3. juni, med blant annet olje- og energiminister Terje Riis-Johansen tilstede. Mer om arrangementet, pressemappe med resultater og min presentasjon finner du her.

Where have I been?

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What Norwegian mountain of 1883 metres did I climb on skis this Sunday – only to be welcomed by this wonderful view? Check out my Gallery to find out!

Book review of Jonas Gahr Støre:
“Å gjøre en forskjell”

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To Manchester with Ole Gunnar’s dreamteam

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Last Saturday Ole Gunnar Solskjær played his testimonial at Old Trafford. He has decided to donate the income to the UNICEF Schools for Africa program, and he also challenged Norwegians to join in the action and collect money. My employer TNS Gallup raised more than 20.000 NOK at the annual summer party event, and for our efforts we were awarded a place on Ole Gunnar’s Dreamteam. Thanks to my soccer skills I was a natural choice for the Manchester trip (actually we did a draw). It was a magnificent end to a fantastic career, reaching its height with the 1999 Champions League final winner, but also one that connected with fans and represented what football really is about.

Take a look at more pics in my gallery!

My first trip to China

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I recently returned from my first visit to the rising dragon. China was an exicing experience. I got to see Hong Kong, Guangdong, Suzhou and Shanghai, and there is definitely a lot going on over there. The contrasts with Japan are interesting, both in terms of development and culture. Clearly, China has a long way to go before it attains Japanese standards of living, but when comparing with Shanghai, it’s really astonishing how clean the air is in Tokyo and how everything just works despite all these people.

Check out more photos from the trip in my gallery.

Merry Christmas

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Hope you’re enjoying your holidays! I’ve made an electronic Christmas card based on my autumn in Tokyo, check it out here.

Goraiko from Fuji-san

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Finally I was able to view the sunrise from the highest peak in Japan. The images themselves really do the talk. Anyway, Asaki and I started climbing from the 5th station on the Yoshidaguchi trail at noon on a Saturday afternoon in September, and reached the Gansomuro cabin at the 8th station around 6 pm. Here we had some rest until the early morning when we did the last ascent with a head torch. The early morning was cold, windy and packed with heavy rains, but as we approached the summit the weather gradually improved. And as you can see, the view from the top at 5 am was simply spectacular. The descent took appx. 4 hours, on a steep and gravelly path, and when we returned to the 5th station we were tired but happy.

Looking for more info? Check out Fujiyoshida local government’s information page in English. There are more images in my gallery.