Where have I been?

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What Norwegian mountain of 1883 metres did I climb on skis this Sunday – only to be welcomed by this wonderful view? Check out my Gallery to find out!

My first trip to China

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I recently returned from my first visit to the rising dragon. China was an exicing experience. I got to see Hong Kong, Guangdong, Suzhou and Shanghai, and there is definitely a lot going on over there. The contrasts with Japan are interesting, both in terms of development and culture. Clearly, China has a long way to go before it attains Japanese standards of living, but when comparing with Shanghai, it’s really astonishing how clean the air is in Tokyo and how everything just works despite all these people.

Check out more photos from the trip in my gallery.

Merry Christmas

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Hope you’re enjoying your holidays! I’ve made an electronic Christmas card based on my autumn in Tokyo, check it out here.

Goraiko from Fuji-san

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Finally I was able to view the sunrise from the highest peak in Japan. The images themselves really do the talk. Anyway, Asaki and I started climbing from the 5th station on the Yoshidaguchi trail at noon on a Saturday afternoon in September, and reached the Gansomuro cabin at the 8th station around 6 pm. Here we had some rest until the early morning when we did the last ascent with a head torch. The early morning was cold, windy and packed with heavy rains, but as we approached the summit the weather gradually improved. And as you can see, the view from the top at 5 am was simply spectacular. The descent took appx. 4 hours, on a steep and gravelly path, and when we returned to the 5th station we were tired but happy.

Looking for more info? Check out Fujiyoshida local government’s information page in English. There are more images in my gallery.

Fishing at Kråksjøen

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Not too much fish, and lots of knott. Nevertheless it was a great summer evening by the side of the lake. More photos in my gallery.

New site with gallery

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I’ve moved my homepage to a new server, this time it supports the photo gallery embedded in the site. You need to register in order to access the photos.

Easter holidays in Rondane

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Check out photos in my gallery. Due to a security update with Rees International, access to the gallery now requires a password. Please write an email to daniel (at) rees.no and I will send it to you.

Big in Japan

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Japanese people are small… The photo above is from Chinatown in Yokohama, just outside Tokyo. Tonight I”m hope alone in Asaki”s house just chilling while she”s out for a dinner. So far I”ve learnt to count to 10 in Japanese, but still I have trouble remembering “ego hansjimaska” – do you speak English. I”ve met many of Asaki”s friends, including a Chinese guy whose name is Lonely Horse (seriously), I”ve been to game centers, and tasted several brands of sake. Today I read in the newspaper that the famous cherry blossom is forecast to start on March 18, the day before I leave, so hopefully I”ll be able to see at least some of it. In short I”m having a wonderful time!

Check out more photos in my gallery.

Happy days in Bruges

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This weekend I spent some nice days in Bruges visiting Håvard, where he”s studying at the College of Europe. The city turned out to be enjoyable, and together with Espen and Øystein we had lots of Belgian beers, chocolate and happy days with a nice medieval atmosphere.

Chech out photos in the gallery.

Finally the snow is here

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Today I went for the season”s first skiing trip in Bymarka. The conditions were perfect with -5 degrees, lots of snow and a low sun in the sky. Check out some photos in my gallery, or this short video.