Fishing at Kråksjøen

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Not too much fish, and lots of knott. Nevertheless it was a great summer evening by the side of the lake. More photos in my gallery.

New site with gallery

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I’ve moved my homepage to a new server, this time it supports the photo gallery embedded in the site. You need to register in order to access the photos.

Easter holidays in Rondane

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Check out photos in my gallery. Due to a security update with Rees International, access to the gallery now requires a password. Please write an email to daniel (at) and I will send it to you.

Big in Japan

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Japanese people are small… The photo above is from Chinatown in Yokohama, just outside Tokyo. Tonight I”m hope alone in Asaki”s house just chilling while she”s out for a dinner. So far I”ve learnt to count to 10 in Japanese, but still I have trouble remembering “ego hansjimaska” – do you speak English. I”ve met many of Asaki”s friends, including a Chinese guy whose name is Lonely Horse (seriously), I”ve been to game centers, and tasted several brands of sake. Today I read in the newspaper that the famous cherry blossom is forecast to start on March 18, the day before I leave, so hopefully I”ll be able to see at least some of it. In short I”m having a wonderful time!

Check out more photos in my gallery.

Happy days in Bruges

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This weekend I spent some nice days in Bruges visiting Håvard, where he”s studying at the College of Europe. The city turned out to be enjoyable, and together with Espen and Øystein we had lots of Belgian beers, chocolate and happy days with a nice medieval atmosphere.

Chech out photos in the gallery.

Finally the snow is here

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Today I went for the season”s first skiing trip in Bymarka. The conditions were perfect with -5 degrees, lots of snow and a low sun in the sky. Check out some photos in my gallery, or this short video.

Student Peace Prize to Charm Tong

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The 2007 Student Peace Prize has been awarded Charm Tong from Burma for her struggle for human rights and democracy in Burma. Tong is currently in exile in Thailand, where she has started her own school and several organizations to improve life for Burmese refugees in the country, and to pressure the military junta controlling Burma. The prize will be presented on the behalf of all Norwegian studens at The international student festival in Trondheim (ISFiT) in February.

For more information:
Universitetsavisa (in Norwegian)
ISFiT (English)

Næringslivet må bekjempe fattigdom

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YUNUS Telenor

Grameen Phone er egentlig Norges mest vellykkede bistandsprosjekt gjennom tidene, for næringslivet har en avgjørende rolle i å bekjempe fattigdom. Bedriftene vil kunne tjene både penger og legitimitet gjennom å investere mer i fattige land, men da må statlige og internasjonale organer være med på å dele risiko og sikre gjennomsiktighet. Les min kronikk om dette i Adresseavisen 10. januar 2007. Link til PDF

Happy start to 2007

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I survived the fireworks mayhem and made my way into 2007. Some photos from the party at Jon Anders and Silje”s place can be found in the gallery.

Happy new year!

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So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun. Soon I”ll be heading to Jon Anders for a turkey dinner, and a little later fireworks will blow us into 2007. A brilliant new year to you all!